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Russian songs appearing a lot in my Discover Weekly

Russian songs appearing a lot in my Discover Weekly






My Question or Issue

Sometimes I listen to Russian music appearing in my Weekly Discovery. There used to be one Russian song once in 2-3 weeks, however lately it appears every week with 3-4 Russian songs, while we hear about Russia invading Ukraine... It disturbs me a lot. I don't know why there is such a sudden change in music suggestions at this time, but I don't care for your explanation. All I care about is how to block (at least temporarily) Russian songs? Is there a possibility to restrict/block all songs depending on a language?


I've read there were multiple problems with language songs, but none of the posts  I've read (oldest from 2017) suggest a solution better than having a new account and creating a new playlist... 

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I'm too facing the same situation

Please fix this! Always at discover weekly I have at least one Russian song.

You know what is happening at Ukraine right now? Please block all Russian songs.

I am from Ukraine experiencing the same problem lately! I don't want to see any of russian music in my Album picks or Recommendations, please fix this! Would it be possible to decline recommendations based on the album's location of origin?

The same.

I want NO russian artists in my playlists. Because listening to their songs = paying money to them = literally sponsoring bombs on me.

Can I block all russian artists at all? I want none of that in my playlists.


P.S. I listen none of that, so it's not an algorithm thing.


Same problem I face it every time, and it is quite annoying, you know.
Been listening to "Daily Mix" which suppose to contain only Ukrainian music (or other which I usually listen to), and then suddenly russian song appears. I don't listen to russian music (it hurts my feelings and ears (due to recent events)). This problem makes "Daily Mix" feature almost useless for me (since there's no way to exclude russian song from the mix even manually (no button in the menu)).
Spotify team! Would you please spare Ukrainian users (and maybe some others) and provide some possibility to exclude songs by language!


Experiencing the same issue! Spotify when it will be fixed????!!!!!! Or I should continue sponsoring bombs that kill my people??????? Very angry each time a russian song pops up in my recommendation (and there are a lot!!!). There is not even a minus icon anymore, so sometimes even if I skip the song quickly it keeps reappearing! Beg you, do something!

Same here ... it's annoying

I also noticed that this is happening a lot recently. I dont think supporting russian musicians by listening to their music on spotify will change anything in this conflict, but I still feel weird about suddenly having like 4 or 5 russian song recommendations in my discover weekly playlists every week...


How does this algorithm work? I thought its solely based on my personal music taste and the bands I listen to.
If that was the case, I should have lots of thrash, Power and Death metal aswell as german medieval-metal in my playlists

same here, we need a way to block all Russia-based content, I don't want to hear it at all 

I'm from Ukraine and I don't want to listen to this **bleep** on the 6th month of the war with russia, remove it from the recommendations for Ukraine as soon as possible

I don't like russian songs especially today when russia invading Ukraine. How can I disable songs based on language? 


It has nothing to do with Ukraine situation.


I'm experiencing this incovenience for something like 6 years. Probably because I listened to Litle Big ONCE IN A TIME, and since then... All my Spotify-generated playlists (Release Radar, Discover Weekly), suggestions, auto-completed-playlists, etc. are polluted by Russian songs. I keep disliking them, but nothing changes.

1. Discover Weekly:


2. Release Radar:



3. Selected albums (Homepage)


There are over 1500 tracks in my Spotify library, and none from Russia. So please stop.

Hello Spotify!

How do I freeze russian music in my Spotify? I'm tired of seeing it on the Weekly Discovers. Checking Discovers every Monday was the best start of the week. But never more!


I'm thinking about moving to Apple Music and taking my entire family there, if there're no way to stop it.

Please let me know if you have any way to solve this problem, cause it to start being annoying.I feel like I don't want to use Spotify because, I have all the time dealing with russian music.

Thank you
Best regards



I'd like to bump this since there seems to be no response from Spotify. Same issue here, blocking every russian song I encounter in discover weekly, to no avail. Spotify keeps recommending me this **bleep**. Give the users a way to fix this!!!

Dear Spotify, I am so fed up with this.

Today I woke up to know russia made missile strikes on 2 Ukrainian cities at night, with dead civilians as casualties. Again. Every freaking day I live with the information my people are dying en masse.


And if you think that russian culture, specifically music have nothing to do with it, you are very very wrong.

Someone listens to russian song – this artist gets paid – artist pay the taxes – russia have money to bomb and torture my people.


Every, and I repeat every time there are updates in the Release Radar or Discover Weekly, I see there are new russian artists. How do you think I feel? Maybe you think I will be glad to listen the songs of murderers and torturers? Whole March 2022 I was living in a city that was constantly shelled by Russia, and now you think I am just “wow, what a beautiful music from people who supported my death” or what?


I ask you to consider removing russian artists from Spotify. They are supporters of war, and they are paying for the war with their monetization fees.


I know my message is a drop in an ocean, but I think even a drop may change something.


P.S. Yes, I have Premium account. Yes, I block the artists constantly – that doesn’t help at all.


I use Spotify for so long. I really like Discover Weekly playlists, but sometimes it recommends for me songs in specific languages like russian. I patiently hid them all the time they appeared. Weeks and months passed, but they still appeared in my Discover Weekly. I think Spotify needs to give a possibility for users to ban songs in specific languages or songs from specific countries.

I agree with all of the above, as a Ukrainian, it's sickening to see that Spotify still hasn't banned Russian artists and continues to make money off of russian music. 


Please act asap to stop supporting russian invasion and all the cruel crimes, stop supporting russian music and most of all, stop suggesting it to people!

I`m so sick of russian music appearing in my discovery weekly and tired of removing them from the playlist

I have no issues to cancel my subscription if i get 4-5 russian songs appearing every week. It makes me feel sick during my morning that's just in the beginning or my exercise and my train of thought suddenly stops to skip those russian songs.


I haven't encountered even 1 Ukrainian song from those. So seems in the light of evidence that #SpotifySupportsRussianWarcrimes. Use this to get something done.

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