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Russian songs appearing in my Discover Weekly

Russian songs appearing in my Discover Weekly

Hi. I'm dealing with this for over a year now. Spotify is suggesting me russian songs for no reason. I don't have any russian song in my library, I am pressing dislike button every time I hear this language like mad man, it really drives me crazy. Some time ago I had ONE russian song in my playlist, thats all. I don't know russian at all, and now I completly hate it. I am from Poland, maybe spotify thinks that we speak russian? Please help me with this, I am considering switching to other service if this maddness wont stop.

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Hi @zwierzch


I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I guess it system generated. Wahtever songs added on your playlist, the system will generate closely related to the songs added on your playlist. My simple advice, try to be specific on your songs on your playlist. i.e. just english songs. If you do so, recommended songs to add on your playlist will be changed. 


Lemme know if it helps. Thank you.

Hey @zwierzch. I've also had this issue a few months ago. We know the Discover Weekly algorithm bases it off your listening trends but from what I gather through personal experience is if you play something totally different from your usual trends i think it signals that system to be like "OH! You like this one kind of song, maybe you'll like all these other songs in the same vein" 


How long as this been happening?? It took about a month for my discover weekly to realize I wasnt going to enjoy every korean pop song and eventually started funnling songs still in korean but the genre was more my style. 


As for a solution, I would reccommed riding it out and being consistent with the songs you put into your playlists. I also found a solution in making a playlist just for discover weekly throw aways to let it know "I heard it, dont bring it back" I havent had a repeat since. Lastly, if worst come to worst, make a new account. Transfer your playlist and rebuild your listening profile. 


I truly hope this helps in some way. 


hi! like the other replies said, it's probably because they think you LOVE russian songs even though you only added one to your playlist. i've added a few french songs to some of my playlists and they've started added new french songs to my discover weekly. they probably just want to give you new songs to listen to. hope this helped!

Hi guys,


I found a thread that will somehow help guide you in solving your concern. Please feel free to check it out. Click it here.


I hope it will guide you through.


Have a nice day!

I'm from Lithuania and I started to discover local music.  I personally hate Russian language and now, that I started to listen to Lithuanian music, spotify started throwing Russian songs into my playlist. wth. Lithuanian language is nowhere near Russian. Lithuania is Latin alphabet based language and Russian is Cyrillic alphabet based language. I'm starting to think that I need to search for another music provided. This drives me so mad. I have to block every Russian song so many times, it annoys me even more than commercials.  I have premium account and I cannot remove Cyrillic based songs. 

Hi ! I also suffering with this problem. is there any way I can block any russian music for my account?

Bumping this since there seems to be no action or solution given. I've been a spotify premium user for more than 7 years, and have a lot of playlists and liked tracks. It'll be a huge waste of time to go through each track trying to find and remove all things russian. Give us a way to refuse some content!

This is similar to my problem with Discover weekly as well, only I'm Swedish and keep getting Norwegian songs. Almost seems like it takes location in to place and sees what others around you listen to.


My recently played lists conclude of: Retrowave, This is ACDC, Lofi Chillhop and my Heavy metal Workout list. This is basically what I listen to weekly. I did however listen to 2-3 new songs by Luke Combs.

Discover Weekly : "Hi, We think you'd like some Norwegian Country

I swear the Discover Weekly AI is **bleep**. 

Have the same problem with russian music in my suggestions.
I deleted all russian music and russian artists in whatever language they singing, but the system still suggesting me songs in russian.
It's a horrible experience. Please fix it as soon as possible!
Thank you

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