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Same songs over and over again

Same songs over and over again


Ok Spotify I am a premium user for about 2 years now and I am getting tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. I have tried miscellaneous things and nothings helps, even hitting the minus sign on a song doesn't help to disregard that particular song. I'm sure I will stop my subscription one of the following days out of frustration, this is unacceptable, it's like there are only a few hundred songs available on spotify.


Edit: Those songs are not even in one of my playlists or in my favorites


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I can have 600+ songs on a Playlist and every time I start a shuffle on that playlist the same songs will always play. Recently I have had issues starting a playlist and one particular artist will take over any playlist I play. I can play 5 different playlist but every time the song changes it is an NF song that now shuffles only his music. 

I've been complaining about this for the past 10 years! Watch the Netflix documentary about Spotify called "The Playlist". It's a 6 part mini-series that is an eye-opener! You will have your answer. 

ok thanks I will, I have the feeling they are pushing songs for commercial reasons.

I have my answer, I will look for alternatives...

After watching the Netflix series I have been digging a bit deeper after the truth behind Spotify and it ain't pretty.

Ok I had it, just cancelled my account, bye bye spotify 

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