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Scratchy, crackly sounds on a new release album. Unacceptable.

Scratchy, crackly sounds on a new release album. Unacceptable.

Just tried listening to Joe Satriani - Shapeshifting album released today. The third track, All For Love sounds really scratchy and crackly. I thought my amp or speakers were playing up but I tested it again on headphones on my mobile phone and it's the same. The guitar sounds on the 18-30 second mark sound really scratchy. I thought I was paying premium for Spotify and it's really not sounding good lately. Can anyone else confirm it's the same for them?

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it's the worst album quallity ever on spotify!! disappointed

Hey there @bob999 and @hallor


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!

If you notice a track or an album on Spotify isn't playing correctly, or the information (title, cover art, release date) is incorrect, you can report it to us. 


We suggest you check out this help page and follow the steps on how to report the issue you've spotted. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

nope. it's time to move on. Tidal got better quallity than spotify.

Unfortunately, it sounds the same on the CD. Not a Spotify issue, it’s the release.  Disappointed that the mix quality isn’t crystal clear.

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