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Seger Vanishing Act, including "Shakedown"

Seger Vanishing Act, including "Shakedown"

So after all the hype of Seger's full catalog being made available a year ago, it appears that in the last few days, some songs have been greyed out again (in the U.S.), including his only #1 hit "Shakedown."  Seger's arrival was a big deal, so disappearing tracks should be a big deal (when one of them is the #1 hit).  Is there any chance we'll get any explanation for this, with specific reasons?  I'm guessing not.  I'm guessing this post will receive the cacophany of chirping crickets or worse yet, the intelligence-insulting form text about Spotify wanting all the world's music, yada yada.  I know that there is some sort of "code" on this forum that prohibits sharing specific information about disappearing tracks and why this happened, but in this case, since Seger's Spotify release was so prominent last year, I think a specific, detailed explanation is warranted.  Come on, Mr. Ek, tell us.


I do know that "Shakedown" had been made available earlier than the rest of the catalog via the Beverley Hills Cop II Soundtrack, but I don't know if that information is useful either.  "Shakedown" is not available from either the soundtrack or the compilation albums, and it was.  I think all the other major hits are there, but the #1 hit is absent.


Let's see if we get some explanation other than the aggravating form text.  Not holding my breath...

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Hey @hansenkd


I understand your frustration!


However, the 'Spotify wanting all the music in the world' text is true.
Content on Spotify is managed by the artists, distributors or rightsholders. Sometimes content may become unavailable due to changes in licensing, rights changing hands, artist's decisions or agreements that are pending or can't be reached or in other reasons.

Spotify doesn't really know the reasons behind unavailable content, but people managing the content (distributors, artists and others with rights) do know. 🙂

I hope this helps,
Have a nice day!

Worse music site EVER!

It doesn't help at all, and for experienced users, this really does insult the intelligence.  Come on!  We've seen this text a million times!  Repeating it doesn't make it more useful.  Let's look at this specific situation.  Artist who is a long time holdout gives in and releases his catalog a year ago to great hype and fanfare.  A year later, songs disappear, including said artist's sole #1 hit.  It simply strains credulity that nobody knows why, and nobody should believe it. In some cases, like Prince pulling his whole catalog or Tay-Tay doing the same--followed by the return of both--the media covers it and Spotify is forced to explain.  Seger's relationship with Spotify is notorious. If Punch (his manager) decided to remove content, including the only #1 song, somebody at Spotify knows why.  My theory remains that the Spotify Community actually has an unwritten policy of never providing specific explanations ever and then encouraging the rock stars to rehash the form text ad infinitum, even to people who know the game inside and out.  This is pathetic.  You actually used the form text AFTER I sarcastically predicted it and avoided any mention of the specific (prominent) artist.  You can't play the game with people who recognize the game.



I still suggest asking the artist ( for example social media pages) on what's going on, they do know better.
I've asked multiple artists about unavailable songs among other stuff and have got my answer.
I can't help you any further on this matter, not because I can't say something, but because I do not know what happened. Sorry about that! 🙂


Hopefully the missing content reappears very soon!

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