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Serious lack of Nujabes..

Serious lack of Nujabes..

Idk why there are all these 'Nujabes Tributes' and not a single Song from Nujabes himself available on Spotify.


Edit: Yay ! Nujabes on Spotify!! ^_^


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Personally, I'd love Nujabes on. Incredibly awesome. Anyway, this FAQ should explain why some music isn't available on the service. Fingers crossed, it'll be on soon.


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Who's your Spotify Star?

Exactly, I think putting Nujabes on Spotifiy would be a good way spread his legacy to new listeners.

Yesterday, I was listening to his Metaphorical Music album. I check again today and it disappears. Now there is only the Departure Samurai Champloo Soundtrack. I was saddened.

Hey, I want to put a vote in for the 'metaphorical music' album or at least allow me to add it for personl use ony on spotify. Really sux it's not there man. Some of his stuff is there, but his best stuff isn't. 





Be sure to check out this FAQ page on adding local music files to the Spotfy apps:

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