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Sesame street?

Sesame street?

Hi! I have a quick question - where did all the Sesame street playlists disappear? Are they ever coming back? We've been listening to them with my baby boy ever since he was born and now we're heartbroken that they're gone. Can you help us? Thanks!


Magda from Poland 

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I have the same question. Sesame street is a good way to keep the kids entertained during a long drive.


Hoping the playlists will be reactivated again...

I second that.  My three year old was sad this morning that Rubber Ducky was no longer available.  Truth be told, I was too.

what a pity

We are also bummed! My daughter LIVES for the "Best of Elmo" album. 😞 


Accordingly to the Sesame Street artist page in the Spotify app, over 181k Spotify users listen to Sesame Street per month!





I can’t find any news about why Sesame Street would be pulled from Spotify (unlike the great Disney/Netflix battle). Anyone know why it was pulled and if it’s coming back? My 4yr is still asking for Elmo! 😕

Hi @s_jacob,


neither do I.

I think the only way to figure out why Sesamestreet left Spotify is to contact Sesamestreet


Have a nice day


Can Spotify not provide an answer? We also miss them! what a shame to have lost all this great music!

this past weekend a bunch of sesame tracks and albums disappeared. stuff in playlist now greyed out. lots of albums now incomplete. certain tracks present only some compilation albums. Sucks. shows you the problem with streaming media. gonna searcg ebay, find the cds and rip my own mp3s old school and upload them to youtube music. at least, they allow you to upload your library and make it accessible to yourself.

My son was very surprised too and I thought he was just doing something wrong. I guess it is encouraging that this happened before and then they came back. I still wish we could get notified if something is going to be not available anymore.

looks like Amazon music has some of the missing albums

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting here.


Content availability may change over time due to agreements between Spotify and rights holders. We constantly add new content to Spotify, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may reappear soon.


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