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Sharing your FB activity just to the chosen friends (since anybody can follow you)

Sharing your FB activity just to the chosen friends (since anybody can follow you)



I was wondering - we can all share what sort of music is playing in our browsers//apps at the moment, right? I find it kinda cool but I don't really like the idea that whoever can follow me and thus instantly see what I listen to. Music is still a kind of personal thing, after all (for me, at least). However, I would love to share it with my closer friends... Couldn't it be possible?


Thanks a lot for the response!



3 Replies

Hi @Paula38 and welcome to the Community! 🙂

There's a few user requests in the Ideas Exchange board you may find interesting around this topic. They are all still live and you can add your vote if you'd like. If they get enough user support there's a chance they'll be implemented in future updates. Hope this was helpful and have an amazing day! 🙂


Block Followers

Social/Shared Listening Room
Share Your Music With Friends


Dear Bethany,


Thanks a lot for your response!

Out of those three there really was one topic which kind of created a solution for my problem (blocking the followers). Thank you very much for pointing that out, I voted 🙂


Hi again @Paula38 !

Happy to hear it! Enjoy your music and day 😄

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