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Shazam&Spotify - hidden songs

Shazam&Spotify - hidden songs



I have a few questions:


1.Can I upload a song on Spotify and that song to be "unlisted", like Youtube video?

2.If I can do that, the plays on that song will count to Spotify Charts?


I want to make a campaign where only those who will Shazam a part of the song posted on Yotube (30sec) will get acces to the full version ONLY on Spotify, for a limited period of time (like 1 week), then it will be available on other streaming platforms. The trick is that they can`t find the song if they search it on Spotify, only through Shazam they will get acces to the full version of the song.


I hope I`ll get an answer asap.


Thank you!!

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Sorry mate, I don't believe what you want to do is possible. Spotify just doesn't work that way. Also, keep in mind that Spotify, YouTube, and Shazam are three entirely different entities. Spotify is about sharing music; they will never create a system where an artist can block all or any part of a song. This is not how any streaming service is designed. You either have FULL access, or remove the song entirely.


What you can do as an idea, is insert the Spotify code in the YouTbube videeo of your album/playlist, and let the visitor scan it with their Spotify.

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If you are an artist and wish to find out more info on how to better promote your music, we'd suggest heading over to Spotify for Artists. You can also read more info in this FAQ article.


Hope this helps clarify things!

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