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Shining - Redefining Darkness tracklist

Shining - Redefining Darkness tracklist

There appear to be multiple versions of the album around

Spotify's tracklist for Shining's album Redefining Darkness is as follows:

1. Du, Mitt Konstverk
2. Han Som Hatar Människan

3. Hail Darkness Hail

4. Det Stora Gra

5. For the God Below

6. Sensommar


According to various sources, the tracklist should be as follows:

1. Du, Mitt Konstverk

2. The Ghastly Silence
3. Han Som Hatar Människan

4. Hail Darkness Hail

5. Det Stora Gra

6. For the God Below


As you can see, on the spotify version, (my personal favorite) track The Ghastly Silence is not included and instead replaced with Sensommar.

Where did this difference in tracklists occur and why must it be with my favorite track from Shining?

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Hello, Edo


My solution is as simple as to create your own playlist with the right songs and order.

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