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Singers & Songwriters MISSING

Singers & Songwriters MISSING

So the 'Singers & Songwriters' Spotifiy playlist is GONE, has been replaced with 'Meet the Songwriters', which at this point is too much country music for my taste! I loved listening to the newer artist, at least for me, the sound the artist on the playlist, it had become my most listened to playlist, downloaded to my phone to listen in the car even (one of the few Spotify playlist I had downloaded). So does anyone have a good replacement playlist?

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Welcome to the community, LauraM62!


I conducted a quick search on Spotify and found another good singer/songwriter playlist (being a singer/songwriter fan myself), Singer Songwriter Coffee Break. I've pasted it below, take a look at it and tell me if it's good or if I should keep searching... 🙂



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Although not too bad, love Adele, what I really loved about the Singers & Songwriters is they had some artist that were newer, I really enjoyed the newer artist and/or less played artist --- Billy the Kid, Laura Dogett, Dylan LeBlanc, Sufjan Stephens, Meg Meyers --- I would love more like that. I wished Spotify would let me search an artist like 'Laura Doggett' and show me some playlists she was on, that would let me see if I could find another one that had more similar artist. I appreciate the assistance!

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