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Some Eisregen albums gone...


Some Eisregen albums gone...


I just discovered, that some old Eisregen albums vanished...

Albums like "Krebskolonie" (1998), "Leichenlager" (2000), "Farbenfinsternis" (2001) or "Wundwasser" (2004) have all been available a few weeks ago.


It would be great to 

a) get informed per mail or push notification that saved albums have been removed.

b) get some information whether the albums will be available again later

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Re: Some Eisregen albums gone...

Community Legend

Hey there @katatonius,


When an album or song isn't added, or is removed, or made available only in certain regions, it's almost always the choice of the artist or label - spotify wants people to enjoy an expanding library of over 30 million tracks but individual copyright decisions aren't theirs to make.


Here's what you can do to get that added:


Hope that helps! ^_^


Re: Some Eisregen albums gone...

Hi, same happened to Sidos "Bilder im Kopf" .... somebody any ideas?