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[Song Bug] Heart Of A Warrior, Crossroads

[Song Bug] Heart Of A Warrior, Crossroads

Hi there,


I just added "Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol. 2" to my playlist as I encountered a strange bug wit the title "Heart Of A Warrior" by Freedom Call. The end of the song, from ~2:48, is played fast, like very fast (2x or faster). Then it starts a stuttering version of the next song, "Sing To Me", before the next song really starts with no problems.

The song "Crossroads" by Imperia suffers the same problem but this time it starts around 1:03.



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Hey @Zakor!


Can you send us the URI of the track? Just right click on it and copy the info. Also, does the same thing happen across different devices?


Looking forward to hearing back from you. 


Well that sucks... I believe can't help you with that, sorry! But I do believe some people on here can, so that's a win :). If I were you, I would put this question on the 'help' section, this section is used for chatting about which music you listen to or what new music there is to discover. I think you have a bigger chance of getting help if you put it on the 'help' section! Well good luck and let me know how it went,



Oh well, I guess you got your help still :'D, good luck anyway!

Hi @alealejandro,


the URI for Heart of A Warrior is spotify:track:32x8UWNGA58yg6FolVlUaV . For Crossroads it's spotify:track:6T3I79JiysrJGGaXU0u5PY .


Fun Fact: I tried to listen to the regular Album Version of Heart of A Warrior(spotify:track:7KJ8sM3wx3bndtsvatEz8B) and that one seems to work. Maybe just an error with the import?


Thanks in advance,


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