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Songs By Others Written by Prince?

Songs By Others Written by Prince?

So now that Prince's catalog has made its glorious return to Spotify, would it be possible to inquire from Warner or his heirs or whomever is doing the negotiating about tracks performed by others, but written by Prince?

These started to vanish in apparent surgical strikes fairly recently, like after Prince's death.  Most conspicuous among these are songs by artists very closely associated with Prince, such as Chaka Khan ("I Feel for You") and Sheila E. ("The Glamorous Life," "A Love Bizarre").  Curiously, a few Prince-penned songs, such as Bangles "Manic Monday" and Sheena Easton "Sugar Walls" never did disappear.

Would it be possible to inquire about the Chaka Khan and Sheila E. songs?  Since those were Warner releases, one would think they would be covered by the agreement, especially since they were removed much later than Prince's own catalog and I think they actually were made available after his death.

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Hoping that Sinead O'Connor's version of Nothing Compares 2 U is made available too

Just found out the same thing. Really hope they're back up soon!

Come on, Spotify, give us a real answer here as to why these songs didn't become available when Prince's catalog returned.  All of them are Warner releases in the relevant time frame.


For the most part, they were removed at a later date than Prince's own removal of his own catalog, and in some cases even after his death.  They were "precision strikes" from Prince's heirs and estate to remove songs penned by him, or in which he materially participated, but were credited to others.


I fail to see any reason, given the return of Prince's catalog, for songs like "I Feel for You" and "The Glamorous Life" to still be absent.  Given the timing of their removal, the availability of the artists' catalog otherwise, and many other factors, this is deserving of an actual reply and an actual answer without the insulting "cookie cutter" response--WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL!


In this case, especially, we deserve a real, specific answer as to why these songs have not returned.  The same goes for Prince covers--is there any reason for the wonderful Tom Jones/Art of Noise version of "Kiss" to be unavailable?  Wouldn't seem to be.


This is another "fall through the cracks" thing for which we need specific answers.  Just like the situation with Andy Gibb's albums suddenly disappearing when Barry Gibb made a label switch for the Bee Gees catalog.  Why would this have affected the Andy albums, and why haven't they returned?


Specific answers, please.  Specific to these cases.  In the case of the Prince-penned songs from Chaka Khan, Sheila E., etc., and the covers like the Tom Jones "Kiss," specific answers really are warranted for the reasons I outlined above.

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