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Songs&Albums that are not still existing on Spoty

Songs&Albums that are not still existing on Spoty

This topic about finding music that is not stillon Spoty, but only really cool muz, that people really want to share and listen 🙂  


Please add this one at first, than others can follow this way: Alex Charles - We Belong Together

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Hey there @arthurgrate


Thanks for posting on the Community about this.


If you can't find the track We Belong Together by Alex Charles it's possible that this release isn't currently available in your country. Availability of content can vary over time and between countries, depending on agreements between Spotify and rights holders, such as artists or record labels.


We add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find the song right now, it may appear soon. Alternatively, you can always contact the artist or record label with your query or make use of the local files feature. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

While we're on the subject of new material I'd urge Spotify to increase the number of albums by the extremely prolific Italian industrial/ambient maestro Maurizio Bianchi as well as a few albums by one of the best post-punk bands of all -The Comsat Angels. The name may be slightly obscure but they grow in influence with the passage of time and their fans are die hard. I hope these additions are possible and thank you for your past responsiveness.

Studio-Albums of the Comsat Angels !! Where are they ?

Band from Sheffield ; extremely popular in Holland .
Many sold-out Live concerts in the Paradiso in 80-ies.

I have the vinyl records on the attic, but like to listen on Spotify 
They were not so popular in the UK , because it revolved around MUSIC  - Great guitar-sounds etc and NOT clothing, make-up, being trendy .
Do something!

George -Amsterdam 

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