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Songs as promotional/advertising material?

Songs as promotional/advertising material?

So my Release Radar gave me this song last week:


(For whatever reason, Spotify Community is only playing a 30s clip here, but the track in the desktop/web player is 2min with a 0:12s promo in the intro)


Sure, I listen to the artist on occasion, but this isn't even an actual song/track, it's just some promo content for a sound pack on a completely different service. I'm personally not a fan of this, but I can't be alone to think this is not the type of content that should be on Spotify, right? I've also never submitted music to Spotify, so I don't even know if it even technically breaks any rules on submissions.


Seems like a bit of a misuse of the platform. I'm already paying for premium and now I get ads submitted by the artists themselves?


What are your thoughts on this? Could this open doors for other artists to use Spotify like this?

3 Replies

Hi @brutedawg,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Every time you listen to songs, Spotify automatically looks for similar songs/artists you listen to. If you don't want it I would just ignore it. But if you want a way to delete it you can put your idea on Spotify, and if you get enough Kudos, it will go to the Spotify team who will consider your idea.


Hope this helps.


I'm not a moderator or anything but I thought I give my opinion on that.
I listened to that "song" and yes it does advertise another streaming service, but I read the user guidelines for the use of Spotify and they don't say it's not allowed in there rules, but I think that you should not do that / other artists should not do that because Spotify is a streaming service and if you advertise another streaming service in your song you poach someone to go to another streaming service and listen to your song so, I think you should not do that because that is not the right use for Spotify.
( I hope you understand what I mean with poach because I couldn't find another word for that. And with you I didn't mean you it's just the perspective that I take while writing this so it's not about you.)

Hope I could help you with my opinion on that and have a nice day ;D

Here's another:


I'm not particularly stoked to be paying monthly to get occasional ads snuck in to my playlists. it feels as if I'm listening to these tracks on a free service.

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