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Songs being removed from "saved" songs?

Songs being removed from "saved" songs?

For some reason, Songs that I saved are being removed from my saved list!  I listened to a song earlier today, and when going back to my saved songs to listen again, It was not there.  In order to confirm I went back and looked through my history, and a number of songs I had saved were no longer "saved".  Does this have something to do with the saved song limit (which is a garbage and arbitrary rule by the way)?

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Hi @nathankent1,


It is possible this is an error with the saved song limit. However, if you think otherwise, consider updating the software on your device, and the operating system if it is out of date. It is also possible you do not have enough storage on your device. You can try deleting or removing some unnessecary storage, if you have any.


Hope this helps! Leave a like if it did.


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