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Songs keep showing up on my release radar that do not have correct artists.

Songs keep showing up on my release radar that do not have correct artists.

There are songs that show up on my Release Radar that have artist listed that I have liked, but those artists are not in the song. They are completely different genres and some of the songs don't even have words and the artist listed is someone that I liked but they don't even make music anymore. The latest one was a song that it said Matt Stell (a country artist) was featured in and there were no words and it was like an EDM vibe song. I also go to the artists page when this happens and there is no proof on their artist page that they were ever involved in this song.
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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

The behavior you're describing seems very odd. Sometimes cached files can interfere with the app's performance. We'd recommend taking a look a this page to see how to clear your cache. 


Could you also ask a friend or a family member to go to the artist's page to see if they'll find the song there? 


In case they experience the same as you, would you mind sending us the URI of this song? You can do that by clicking on the three dots next to song's duration > click on Share > press CTRL/ CMD(for Mac)> Copy Spotify URI's.  Note: You have to do that using Desktop app or Spotify web player.


On another note, it doesn't matter if the artist continue to make music, once they upload their songs into Spotify - you can enjoy them.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply. 

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