Songs only able listning 30 seconds to


Songs only able listning 30 seconds to




I have a question, if anybody knows. 

I wonder if it is a content issue when there is songs on an artist that a user only can listen to, for 30 seconds.

Is it maybe decided by Artist/lable to only provide teaser-version of the songs, or is it an issue within Spotify?

Noticed several songs like this, on two of Lady Antebellums album.

For example:

Album Golden and the songs:

* Nothin' like the first time

* Better off now (that you're gone)

* It ain't pretty

* All for love (have played full version on Spotify beging fo 2015)


Album Own the night and the songs:

* Friday Night

* When you were mine


Anybody knows and can help me understand 🙂





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Thanks for the links, now I see. I was not aware some listening regions where getting 30 second sound bites of unavailable tracks. Mostly when stuff in the U.S. becomes unavailable it is just greyed out, I will pass this along. As I did a quick look up of the release and I naturally thought most of the standard release was available to you in Sweden. Anyway thanks again for the links. 


Edited to add: The Spotify mods are sending this up the latter to have the content folks take a look, no guarantees though the content could show, seems to be this might be a licensing issue with certain tracks on those releases.

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Hi. I'm experiencing the exact same problem, but I don't think it's a region issue.


The Spotify playlists on my site used to stream perfectly, but now they just play erxcerpts from each track with an overlay on top of the playlist saying "To play the full track, you'll need the Spotify app."


Is that a new Spotify policy, or is it a bug?

It's the same on all devices/computers. Regardless of whether I'm signed in or out of Spotift etc.

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I think my issue is different as there are four albums called Real Australian Blues volume one, two, three, four and all the songs on the albums are only for 30 seconds irrespective of whether you download the album or listen to it online. It has been like that for a long time.

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Yes. Same thing for me. The albums I've embedded only play a 30second excerpt for each track.

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I'm happy to inform that the embed for my blog seems to have started working. It plays full songs, not 30-second snippets. Make sure that you are logged in on both browser and desktop app. Haven't tested it on mobile but honest on mobile I hope people just listen to it inside the app.


Check them out and let me know if they work for you. 


cali crusing playlist


urban riders playlist


I didn't really do anything except to contact the support staff directly via email and send them a ton of videos on the issues. I also used examples from the Spotify blog to prove the embed works sometimes but other times it just doesn't. 


I thought I had an issue with the music not playing for a while but then I realized that it was just my browser tab muted. 


Best of luck on this everyone




Hey I've been having an issue with the songs on my site only playing for 30 seconds and I actually sent Spotify support your blog as an example of how the songs should be playing. What was the ultimate resolution to your issue when you reached out to Spotify? The support rep I initially reached out to didn't know how to solve the issue and is reffering me to the Spotify developers Github community board which seems like a black hole. Thanks!

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I've checked all of the above and sadly still only playing 30 second excerpts. I'm logged in on bwoser and app. Also does is on phone and iPad.


I'll contact support.

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Use the vid yard chrome extension to communicate with them. That way they can clearly watch the issue live. Also, try to find a playlist online that is working for you. I recommend checking the Spotify blog to find an embed they have done themselves, that way they can't give you any**bleep**. 


The thing is after multiple interactions via email with Spotify. They basically shut me down and said they wouldn't know when the issue would be fixed, but I should go ahead and post about it here.  So that's what I did - I don't know what fixed the issue on my end. But I made sure to update my Spotify and made sure to log in to it on the browser and to connect my facebook. 


Then I sent my link around to people to test it for me. And most said its working if they have Spotify. 


Here is the vid yard thing im talking about



I have the exact same issue, there seems to be some sort of update/change recently on spotify's side, because the player now only plays 30 seconds preview, even when i'm logged into spotify app en web player. Maybe it has something to do with the new GDPR?


The background of the player also looks a bit different now (colors depening on the artist cover art instead of the always dark background)


Schermafbeelding 2018-05-25 om 11.40.56.pngSchermafbeelding 2018-05-25 om 11.41.34.png

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they should seriously communicate about this issue or whatever updates they are working on for the embed playlist. because they are gonna **bleep** off at lof the people who use the service and promote Spotify by curating these playlists for their blog.  if it is GDPR just say so at least... 

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ya'll this issue seems to be fixed 


now let's see how long  it remains that way


thanks Spotify 


check it our let me know if it works for you guys


I think this is actually an issue with older embed codes becuase I still run across older embeds (6mo-1yr old) that only let me play 30-sec, but later embed codes work fine. I think it has to do with the updated attribute in the HTML 




<iframe src=";theme=white" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>



<iframe src="" width="100%" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

All the ones I've tested with allow encrypted-media work for me, however, all the ones that haven't worked do not have that.

you nailed it for me, thanks for the help!

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If it is any help, we finally fixed our issue with a little help from this thread (at least fixed (again) for now!).


First we added allow="encrypted-media" to the iframe attributes - this didn't work on its own, we then also changed our embed url from  to...

Working URL:


We must have used an old version of the embed which just plays the 30s sample when embedded (it is still strange these links work ok when opened in a new tab but not in iframe).


Hope this helps someone

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I also came across this problem very recently - everything was working fine and embeds were playing in full until around 1-2 weeks ago, since then our site only played the 30 second sample with link to 'Play On Spotify' (in Chrome, Win10).


I checked this on my mobile (Chrome) and the embeds there were working correctly - I then tried again in incognito mode back on my laptop and the issue was not present either.


It seems (for me at least) the issue was with the browser and Spotify - I have now managed to get it working again in my main browser by following these steps....


1. Load an embed url directly in your browser (not in iframe) - eg:

(find this in an embed code - eg

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>)


2. If you have the issue, you should only be able to play the sample - don't click Play on Spotify, instead click 'Log In' and this will log you into Spotify in your browser.


3. Now you should be able to see full length tracks in embeds again - I even logged back out via and the embeds continue to work correctly (although this may change and I will update here if so)


Hope this helps someone out!


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Sure when I do this now it works and the song plays in full on the browser but It's a separate window not on my blog. 


so I don't think this is really a workaround. embeds shouldn't play 30 sec only if you are logged in. 


check  it out on my blog here.


I try to listen to Dimash, battle of memories. I only get it once and then only a few seconds. Can somebody help me please? 

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Hi, I understood my question was getting escalated at the time but nothing seems to have changed so I really have just given up on that issue but maybe you can reactivate it. Good luck.

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I having 30-second playback issues in embed playlist. Anyone know how to get embed playlist to pay full songs, not 30 seconds only. 



I had the same issue and I had given up. But now I noticed a change. I just changed my site from not secure (http) to secure (https) and now the whole song plays on spotify. Maybe that was the issue? 

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Not sure if the right thing to do is report all songs with this behavior here, but I'm running into this problem with several tracks in this album:


Soptify Premium,  Sweden