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Songs only able listning 30 seconds to


Songs only able listning 30 seconds to



I have a question, if anybody knows. 

I wonder if it is a content issue when there is songs on an artist that a user only can listen to, for 30 seconds.

Is it maybe decided by Artist/lable to only provide teaser-version of the songs, or is it an issue within Spotify?

Noticed several songs like this, on two of Lady Antebellums album.

For example:

Album Golden and the songs:

* Nothin' like the first time

* Better off now (that you're gone)

* It ain't pretty

* All for love (have played full version on Spotify beging fo 2015)


Album Own the night and the songs:

* Friday Night

* When you were mine


Anybody knows and can help me understand 🙂




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Great! I will keep an outlook for when these songs are back to normal again.. 😄




Monsters by Matchbook romance and End of me by A Day to remember are only playing sound bites, Im listening on desktop

Hi, I have the same issue with a song we uploaded recently. Only 30 seconds playback in embedded posts. Can someone help with this?

All the songs on Real Australian Blues 3 only play for 30 seconds? I have an Australian premium Spotify account.

Volume 1 and 2 only play 30 seconds per track also? Can anyone help? Thank you.





If you provide album links to the release versions you have access in a new post, I can escalate your issue so a Spotify mod can look behind the scenes and see if the 30 second clips can be corrected.



I went ahead escalated those for you, a Spotify mod got back to me with a reply that those album releases had been collected and now reported to the correct people. 

That's great. Thanks for your help. Will there be a further post advising when the issue has been fixed?

Probable not, I was notified of the escalation process, that the content was forwarded to the correct folks for correction. Might check back in a couple weeks from now and keep an eye on it. The last correction of this 30 second sound clip type issue only took a couple weeks, but with multiple content providers the re-added corrected content could take some time for corrected content to be sent back to Spotify for re-uploaded again.

Thank you.

Hi I just installed and logged into my Spotify on my Kodi box and I'm having the 30second problems with every song my playlists my saved songs and songs I search what's the go there?

It is apparently to be investigated in the next couple of weeks.

Its only occuring for me on a few australian compilation albums so if it is occuring on all your songs I would post that and ask for help.





Hey there! that does not sound right. Can you possible make a new post in this help section of the community here?:


Include as much information as you can, videos can help here with the issue? Include in the new post what Spotify app version is on the Kodi Box, what version of Kodi Box you have currently, firmware version of the Kodi Box can help as well?



Hey there, I know it has been some time, but have all releases you pointed out been corrected of the 30 second play issue?

Not sure if the right thing to do is report all songs with this behavior here, but I'm running into this problem with several tracks in this album:


Soptify Premium,  Sweden



Hey there, thanks for the album link and Spotify user basic information. I have passed this one along, might be until after the Easter holidays though so hang tight, you should see something soon about this release.

I reported this problem on 4 albums a few months ago and despite comments it would be fixed in a couple of weeks still no fix?





A Spotify mod got back to me, the mod pointed out there are two versions of this release, are you able to play this version below?


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