Songs 'secretly' removed


Songs 'secretly' removed


I have been a premium users for a few years now. I completely moved from buying CD's or digital versions of music to Spotify streaming service. However I can't accept the fact that many songs are suddenly being deleted from the Spotify database. I understand that licensing and rights are a factor here, but at least there should be some information for the users if their playlists (even the downloaded ones) are 'secretly' losing songs. 

The problem appeared for me when some songs stopped being available on my mobile device, but I could still play it on my computer... Is there some way to find all the songs that were deleted over time, since I created my playlist?

I just feel like being treated like some **bleep**, because I listen to my playlists and I know 
that certain songs are there, but they are not anymore... And I'm very attached to the older music and want to be sure that I constantly have it in my collection.


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Re: Songs 'secretly' removed


Most likely, this is an issue with licensing from the copyright owner's end. Contracts expire, and sometimes owners refuse to allow aggreements to resume due to one reason or another. Not a lot we or Spotify can do if that's the case.


t. a fellow disgruntled customer who's having a hard time recovering old playlists from 4 years ago from an old account.