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Songs that need to be on Spotify

Songs that need to be on Spotify

Ok, this should just be obvious as it is a musical masterpiece by the man himself Clams Casino. "I'm God," is a wavey track that encompasses everything and nothing at all. I feel like I'm on a cloud when I listen to it. Everyone should be able to appreciate this song on this platform. Along with an honorable mention, "Wassup," with A$AP Rocky. That should also be added.

4 Replies

Hey @Sadgirl


Everything should be on Spotify!

But it's often up to artists whether they choose to make their music available on Spotify, and sometimes they make their content unavailable for streaming for some reason or another.

Both of the songs you mentioned are actually on Spotify, they're simply greyed out. 🙂

Flume-Sleepless remixed by Fakear.

Thank you, that makes more sense that the artists get to choose. But, both of those songs are not on Spotify, unfortunately. Both of the artists are though.

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