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Spotify Now - Podcasts in Belgium

Spotify Now - Podcasts in Belgium


Like my tittle says, I would like to ask something about Spotify Now and, more so, about Podcasts in Belgium.

Well, I actually live in Belgium (yes, some people are) and...there is no Spotify Now anywhere on my Spotify. And there are no Podcasts on my Spotify.

Why ?

Is this racism ? We are the country of Fries (French fries are actually Belgian Fries), of Chocolate (f*** you Switzerland), Waffles (the Bests ones, just the bests ones) and we hold the Guinness Book Record of the Country who stayed without a government for the longest period (we beat Iraq).

So, we are important. And thus, I am important.

I want Spotify Now, like, now. And I want Podcasts. Now.

Or else !

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Once upon a time,


There was a question. This question was not the only one, but, in fact, she (because she is a she) was the prettiest. She grew up in a wonderfull kingdom called The Kingdom of the Spotify Community.

But then, no one came to her. She was alone, and quite sad.

Please, help her.

Belgium is actualy a wonderfull country.
You all should come. Realy.

And then, if someone would answer my question, I realy would be the greatest belgian alive.

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