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Spotify Playlist Curator in Indonesia

Spotify Playlist Curator in Indonesia

I know this sounds silly but I want to ask if anyone can help me to get in contact with a Spotify Playlist Curator in Indonesia.


There are some question I wanted to ask about my final project for my university degree.. the topic is about the evolution of mixtape. I want to ask a few things about Spotify's feature (mainly about the playlist)


I have tried looking for the information but apparently there is no Spotify Office in Indonesia, and I also have tried asking the agency that sort of handle Spotify here but they said they can't let a word get out about their clients.


I hope there is someone out there who can help me,

Thank you very much.

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Menarik sekali penelitiannya.


Playlist Spotify tampaknya dibuat dengan cara auto, menggunakan sistem & alogaritma tertentu. Sekalipun memang ada Curator Team sebagai peran humanize.


Representative Spotify Indonesia berpusat di Singapure. Salah 1 dokumentasi Spotify Jobs: dan tidak ada Indonesia di official Spotify


Mungkin video berikut bermanfaat sebagai referensi perihal Spotify Playlist Curator:

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