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Spotify TV App Watch Joe Rogan on 80" Flat Screen?

Spotify TV App Watch Joe Rogan on 80" Flat Screen?

None of the below information is required. However, the more

Why cant the Spotify TV app play The Joe Rogan experience,? This cannot still be true can it ,?? in the year 2021. ?  I'm not going to hold my phone and watch the show on a 1 in by 1-in pop up on my phone screen . 

I've always watched Joe Rogan experience podcast through YouTube the entire two to three hours on my television set in the man cave.


Am I just not getting it?  or this is not possible now on Spotify to watch JRE experience on your television set,??? Please tell me that there's a way to watch it on Spotify TV application?? if not what in the **bleep** is a point of having a TV app who's going to sit by their TV and listen to audio only you got to be kidding me?!? 

If so this is totally unbelievable I can't believe that that Spotify decided to sign talent which has the number one podcast in the world with that kind of contract and not have a platform to play it on your TV set seems egregious.  Won't they just take the number one podcast and throw it right down the toilet I'm using it's not going to listen to the audio only and secondly I refuse to stand sit there and hold my phone for 3 hours and watch it on a small little screen when I can sit and relax on my couch in the man cave and watch it on the 80-in flat screen.

Please tell me that this isn't true. If so I'm no longer a customer I'm just going to have to say goodbye to Joe Rogan experience I guess I can't believe he would be ok with this as well. Seems like something a nickel and dime company would do not the company is going after this kind of talent and not even have the right app infrastructure for customers to be able to enjoy the content. This is your 2021 they must think they can't think that the customer is going to watch it the way they want them to watch it on itty bitty smartphone are you kidding me?




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Hey @markgwaikiki,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


We appreciate the time you took to share your feedback and will make sure that it reaches the right team. Your voice has been heard and we’re currently in the process of launching podcast video playback on the big screen via Chromecast as well as some Android TVs. 


If you'd like to see video playback on other big screen devices as well, we'd recommend having a look in our Idea Exchange, where you can either vote for an existing idea or submit your own. Below you'll find a few ideas we think you might be interested in - feel free to add your +VOTE and comments to show your support:

Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!

Mihail Moderator
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