Spotify deleted my favorite daily mix


Spotify deleted my favorite daily mix


I have been a loyal Spotify customer for a while now (couple of years) and have been unhappy with the way that my experience has been lately. Over the past couple months my weekly discovery playlist has been complete **bleep**. Nothing has been similar to what I listen to. I was ok with that as its supposed to be new stuff I haven't heard. I have also been using the daily playlist and I have listened to that often and enjoy it quite a bit because I can favorite or dislike songs that are currently playing. I had built up a good daily playlist (daily mix 4) over the past 5-6 weeks but I got on my account earlier today only to discover my favorite, the one I listen to every day, had been replaced by a list of another list of songs. There are other daily mixes that I haven't listened to in weeks and cant delete them but my favorite list gets deleted without me doing anything. Needless to say I'm not impressed with the Spotify service right now. I'm pissed I don't have the playlist I spent weeks if not months creating. If people pay $10+ every month and cant physically change their daily mix, like deleting or disliking an entire playlist to start a new, is BS in my opinion. Even if you cant listen to a new daily list that day, having the option to change things is always a plus. This is from a customer who tells their friends to use this service and have introduced this service to dozens of people because of how easy it is to LISTEN TO WHAT YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO. I don't intend to cancel my subscription right now but I am unhappy as a customer at the present. I hope that I am not the first to have these concerns and problems but I do think more customizations options will only make customers happy because their experience isn't constrained like other audio services.

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Sorry to read you are not having a good experience with the Spotify service.


The Discover Weekly does improve the more you use the Spotify service when playing music you are interested in. I have been using the Discover Weekly since it was launched in 2015, and so far I have had only a handful of tracks that did not fit what I was currently into listening during those few weeks a new Discover Weekly list of songs would drop. Keep at it with Discover Weekly it does improve once it develops a habit of figuring out what kind of music you are into.


Daily Mix is based on some of the same criteria of what music you are listening to, and building daily mixes based on listening habits. These update as well based on how often each mix is listened to. Daily mixes are more tailored towards a particular genre or style of music from artist song selections that fit around that type of music.


Post back if you have any more questions.