Spotify inclusive on Vodafone monthly bill

Spotify inclusive on Vodafone monthly bill

Hi i just registered my new account under Vodafone inclusive Spotify for 12 months. However, when I registered it says that I am on a month free and have something like I have to pay for the next month.

Kindly help me with this and please clear this issue for me.

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I too got free spotify with my Vodafone account. Had it on my previous contract with them and worked fine as soon as I connected on my new one it says im on free and have to pay for premium!






All parternship deals with third party companies like Vadaphone, users have to go through those companies to straightened out Spotify account sign in issues. Those Spotify premium accounts are tied in with whatever contracts terms those companies have set with regards to a Spotify premium account. So users are advised to contact Vodaphone on how to get into an existing Premium Spotify account or how to get logged into the correct Spotify premium account on your Vodaphone devices.

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