Spotify mixed are becomming repetative

Spotify mixed are becomming repetative

I'm a big fan of the platform and long time premium user. 
When they introduced the Daily Mix 1 to 6 feature i was rely stoked.
However after using it for a while it is not as fun any more. the mixes always include the same songs and bands. at first i discovered a lot of new music this way but now they never mix in anything new. it are always the same songs that come back. i got to know a new band this way and they have a great arsenal of albums yet spotify always only mix in one of their songs every time the same one. I have songs in my most played of 2019 without ever choosing to play that song myself just because spotify always chooses to mix in this songs. don't get me wrong they fit in with the genre and type of music rely well but why doesn't spotify ever chose another song by the same artist? the same goes for autoplay when an album is finished it doesn't take long before i heard those sings again. A little more diversity in songs would be realy great

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Hi Kashian!

I have noticed that in each Daily Mix, Spotify puts some of your liked songs. What you can do is to like some other songs (maybe songs of bands less popular or slightly different to the ones you generally listen to) in order to see how Spotify reacts to it.

Hope this helps!

Hey there @Kashian,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


Just to confirm, are you using Private listening to listen to music? If so, it would explain what's happening here since anything you listen to in a Private Session won't influence your music recommendations. 


Further, it would be a good idea making sure to listen to a variety of music that you enjoy outside of personalized playlists so the app can get a better idea about music that you enjoy.


You can also improve playlists created for you with the steps here


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hi Katerina

I will try the actions to improve the lists and indeed there was a time
where i listened tho those premade playlist exclusively. however i have
diversified more after that much due to the frustrations mentioned before.
but it would be nice if the algorithm tried to diversify a little more.
an example could be the song 100hp form godsmack or go push it from static
X. I hardly ever get another song by either of those bands. there are more
songs but i cant come up with titles right now. the thing is I realy like
those songs so dont want to dislike them to get them out. they are great
and can stay but those bands also have other songs.

thanks for the suggestions i will definitely try them.
Could you transfer my remarks to the team responsible for the algorithm?

Agree with you, they've become so repetitive and being boring; even if you go to a song's radio, it plays the same songs that you've already know and familiar with. What is also annoys me every time is when you launch the app; you need to think what to listen to so you'll get confused which daily mix to start.

I would suggest that we get a feature like Youtube Music Mix or Deezer Flow that plays stuff based on Location, Time and Habit.

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