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Spotify now takes a week to update lyrics based on Musixmatch contributions

Spotify now takes a week to update lyrics based on Musixmatch contributions

You used to update lyrics within 24 hours if they're corrected and synced, and within 48 hours for freshly-added lyrics.  Why do you take a lot longer now? 😟

2 Replies

Hey! Welcome to our community! I'm the main curator of Musixmatch and I sync different lyrics to the app every day. What is happening is that there has been a huge increase in demand for new music on Spotify and therefore, due to the high demand, it is taking a little longer to appear in the system. I advise you to always check the letters before clicking send, as correcting them later will take a while. A tip for the lyrics you sync to appear in less time, take the curatorship course at the musixmatch academy. Strong hug and success!


By "demand for new music", do you mean people want more albums and singles to appear on Spotify, or are you actually saying that more people want their lyric transcriptions to pour in quicker there?  And how can there be a main curator of Musixmatch?  There are a lot of them, and some have become specialists because they were spotted for their consistently exceptional contributions and helping other contributors frequently.  Specialists also have the ability to lock lyrics from being edited by anyone other than themselves.  In September of 2021 I passed both Musixmatch Academy and the curator test, and became a curator myself.  I follow the Musixmatch guidelines although I have issues with a few.  But contribution quality doesn't determine the time it takes for lyric and sync updates to appear on Spotify.  All Musixmatch users, no matter what kind, notice that it now takes a week for their lyric transcriptions and syncs to update on Spotify.  I need a word with a Spotify employee and demand that they shorten the upload time again to one day for corrected lyrics and syncs, and two for newly-uploaded lyrics.

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