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Spotify player buzzing again when playing songs!

Spotify player buzzing again when playing songs!

Spotify is starting that buzzing sound again when playing songs. It lasts for a second or two then stops. This is really annoying. Another problem with Spotify. Don't you people care about your customers? Can't you guys do anything right?

You make a quick fix and it goes away for a while, but like always it comes back again.

Please look into this buzzing problem and fix it. It's really annoying to be listening to a song and all of a sudden you get this buzzing noise.

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Can you perhaps list what system, and which Spotify app version you are using that this issue happens with?

Does this happen with all tracks?

Does this happen using other Spotify apps i.e. mobile, and/or webplayer?

I'm using Firefox and Chrome (Win 10). It has to be a Spotify issue because I have tried other sites, Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, Showtime, HBO and I don't get this problem.

Yes, it happens on every track, it buzzes for a second or two, then stops.

I have done everything that was said in other posts, including driver updates and I got the same results. I

It has to be on your end.



Just to be sure from the information you posted, I would assume you are using the Spotify web player?


Anyway you can try and use the Spotify desktop app on your preferred system of choice?

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