Spotify's genre of music limited and poor


Spotify's genre of music limited and poor



I would to know why Spotify doesn't make, in the Browse section, a genre for brazilian music. It's an universe of 220 millions people, a potencial, that is not explored by Spotify, because brazilian don't have much choise.

I talk brazilians but chinese and japonese nusic also.

For the other side, Spotify have French Pop, Country, Arab, Gaming.

How could gaming genre be more important than the heritage and culture of decades from brazilian music?

Spotify should be more impartial, more multicultural, more independent, more global.

Should not be an app from developed countries, or from great cities.

I would like to see more openmind.

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Re: Spotify's genre of music limited and poor


Hey there @fz6motor!
If you put "Brazil" or "Brazilian" into the search field, you'll be presented with a wide variety of playlists with Brazilian music. Both Spotify playlists and playlists from other users, varying in a wide range of music styles as well.
Hope this helps! Have a nice day 🙂