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Spotify, thanks for Russian music

Spotify, thanks for Russian music

Hey there.


My main language is Russian, but I talk also Finnish and English.


I want to thank you Spotify. I use Premium service for years and I can listen music from my home country. There is no need to buy or download songs, I just can press play and enjoy Russian music.


Spotify, thank you for those great agreements with record labels, I can enjoy all the music I like and all the music I'm not ever discovered yet (you have more than 22 Million tracks).


Really, thank you for Russian music. I really enjoy listen it, because in Finland there is too hard to find Russian music other way. Big thanks and keep adding more music, also more Russian music, Spotify Premium is service I need - forever. 🙂


Now I listen Oleg Gazmanov's album.



Thanks for music Spotify!


However, most of time I listen dance, techno, trance, electro and handzup music. I like the variety of music, there is so much handzup songs etc. in Spotify. Best service I ever seen in world and just awesome price. I use Mobile Spotify every day in my phone. And in Computer too. In Spotify all the music I like!

2 Replies

Hello Spotify,

I am not really good at Russian music but please enhance your Russian(Russian speaking countries) song database especially from 1960s, 1970s, 1980s film musics.

Add some more songs from musicians like Elena Frolova, Anna German, Zhanna Aguzarova, Sergei Babkin, Zhenya Tadzhetova, Eduard Artemyev, Marina Tsvetaeva...


And many more whom I do not know yet.


Thank you.

Im also a Russian living in the US and I love that Spotify included my favourite Russian artists! Please add a new song by Gregory Leps (я верну тебя)

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