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Steve Winwood-Valerie

Steve Winwood-Valerie

What in the world happend to the cool version of this song? Spotify replaced it with Steve’s worst remake,of the remix, of the Oringial song. You can’t have yacht rock playlist with Steve’s garbage version. Bring back the OG remix of Valerie. 

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You mean the version that's on the Soft Rock Highway compilation?


Never assume that the version listed directly under the artist is the only version on Spotify.

They mean the 1987 remix version from Chronicles:

And yeah, I'm kinda mad that they removed it too. It's much better than the original 1982 version.

See my earlier post. That version hasn't been removed (not in the UK anyway).

i’m literally upset bc i think they removed the 1987 version??? i can’t find it anywhere. it’s not the remastered one. its called Valerie (1987 Remix) and it’s so much better than the 82 version. if anyone finds it please let me know! i’m making my summer playlist lol

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