Stop. With the Cover Songs.

Stop. With the Cover Songs.


I don't know what algorithm is happening to make me suffer through every obscure or poorly done cover of a song that I may or may not even like, but it's really getting old. Passing that off as something in a "Discover Weekly" playlist is just making me discover that I'm getting annoyed at having to hit skip so much. 

How has this not been addressed yet? At least make a feature where you can shut off that annoying trait that seems to define Spotify nowadays. Stop being so basic! Dear God please. 

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Jesus H Christ yes! Decided to give Spotify another go after a long break and my current playlist has 12 covers in a f***ing row. I liked the originals, please play THEM FFS.


*Edit: Alternatively, can Spotify explain, if I dislike them will it stop playing COVERS or will it stop playing those songs altogether?


I agree, at least introducing some aspect where we can opt out of that formula specifically would go a long way for me personally 


Hey folks,


There's an idea which seems relevant to your suggestion in the Idea Exchange.


Feel free to add your vote to it here.


Any questions, we'll be here 🙂


Yes, thank you for saying this. The cover songs are too much. And it came out of nowhere. One day it was like the algorithm gave me a "he likes cover songs" checkmark, and then the deluge came, 10 in a row for sure (or so it seems). 


Please, please update the algorithm around this, or give me an option to toggle OFF covers. Merci.


It really is terrible! At least give us the option to turn it off. It’s really not fair that those are being passed off as originals either, it’s never obvious that it’s a cover and a lot of users probably have no idea.

Totally concur, how many more Cure / Depeche Mode covers must I endure?


Yep. My issue for years. I'm stuck on my own playlist now all because of fear of getting annoyed caused by these covers. 


It's a fear I live with every day (when my playlist ends and Spotify goes rogue)...


How sad they think something can top the original. I also genuinely wonder for younger peeps who aren’t even aware it’s a cover.

I agree!! I occasionally try it out again and then am always disappointed.

I'd like to vote for any new idea to stop covers appear that massively.
But your link doesn't work:
It says something about not having enough privileges to access it.


I'm not sure what that link is, but this is the only post I've made about this topic. 

Hi Peter, this link does not work for anyone.


Can we at least make it so that it's less misleading? Something next to the song that says "Cover" or whatever because I've added songs to my playlists through Discover Weekly only to realise months later that those are the covers (and I really prefer the originals, thank you very much)


Looks like the Idea Exchange has been closed? FFS I'm sick and tired of listen to rip-offs of Hendrix's Hey Joe, etc. 


Pls add a feature to turn off non-originals. 


Ad addendum : even if I dislike the original song, the covers still come up.


Hey @jdenz,

Thanks for posting on the Community 🙂

We can confirm the Idea Exchange is closed, but it'll open anytime soon. However, other users had a similar idea and posted it here. We'd recommend taking a look at its Status for more info.


Even though the status is set as "Case Closed", it doesn't mean the idea has been rejected. We’d suggest adding your vote and subscribing to the idea to get notified as soon as we have any updates to share. 

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