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Stop negatively typecasting LGBTQ+ listeners

Stop negatively typecasting LGBTQ+ listeners

Based on a listening history including Britney Spears, Ru Paul, Kelly Clarkson, musicals, classical music etc. it doesn’t take a genius algorithm to figure out the demographic of the listener. 

But, based on this, Spotify is recommending sexually explicit podcasts to LGBTQI+ listeners who have shown no inclination to want to view this media on their dashboards. Apparently, according to Spotify, being from the LGBTQI+ community means we automatically want sexual material recommended to us?! This is discriminatory and has been reported to Spotify privately twice in the last month. Spotify has chosen to shut down the complaint and take no further action. 

Top in my list currently is a show discussing the virtues of gay sexual degradation, one entitled “Gay Erotica”, and another called “Jockstrap Stories”. 

There is no means of removing these from view or blocking the content. Equality advice services have been approached, due to Spotify’s lack of engagement. 


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Jockstrap Stories, Cousins Christmas, Top Man etc. What is this?? Bro Im pretty sure several users pointed out the annoying podcast suggestions since 2020 it’s rlly getting annoying man

Hi folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community about this. 


We totally get where you're coming from and understand that getting unwanted recommendations can be upsetting. 


Sometimes you can see recommendations even if you don't listen to those topics. Even though it's not currently possible to manually remove suggestions, other users have shared with us the same feedback through these and these ideas submissions. You can support the ideas by adding your +VOTE , that'll make sure you stay up-to-date with any relevant updates about them.


In the meantime, keep listening to your favorite shows and playlists to keep receiving recommendations that better adapt to your taste and listening habits.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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