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Suggestion: How About an Auto Shuffle for Mixes

Suggestion: How About an Auto Shuffle for Mixes


One of my favorite players was Windows Media Player back in the day. One of the greatest thing about it was its functionality; how you could choose so many options for your playlists.

Once you dragged and dropped the songs, you could select

"group alphabetically"
"group by artist"
"group by year" (among more)

...or you could auto shuffle the tracks. Since you don't have a drag and drop feature for playlists, I often select several songs from an artist to put on a list in order to avoid having to go back and find songs again. This is fine, and you can always shuffle play the list, but it would be nice to see a feature that will auto shuffle the list itself. This way, you would avoid seeing a block of songs by the same artist.

Let me know what you think of the suggestion.

1 Reply

Hey @flypaperflowers!


You've got a really cool idea!  You might enjoy looking at the Ideas area of the Community where people like you are posting their suggestions or ideas on what they'd like to see in Spotify.  It's really neat, and more than 300 ideas from users like you have actually been implemented!  You can also see if anyone else is having similar suggestions as you.  You should totally check it out!! 


Personally, I totally get where you're coming from.  You want your playlist to look nice and scrambled!  A little trick that helps me is using the sort features in the playlist.  Sorting by song length or album name or alphabetically by song title work really well to get your songs in different orders!  Also, you should be able to use drag and drop on a computer.  Find what song you'd like, and drag it over to your playlist title. 


Hope that helps!  Let me know if there's anything else I can do. 

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