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Suspicious Playlist

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I had a song added to a playlist called 'House Music' by the profile '' without my consent. Researching a bit I found the playlist to be somewhat suspicious, according to the site "" this profile charges to have music added to their playlists, but I did not pay to have my music added to any of their playlists. I wonder how to proceed in this case, cause I don't want to have my artist profile related to any playlists that use bots or something like that.

Thank you all 🙂


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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


Our Artist Support team are the best folks to help out with this. You can reach out to them here. If you've already reached out to them, there's nothing more you need to do. They'll get back to you soon with a reply and you can keep in touch with them for further assistance or if you have further questions about this matter.


We'll be right here in case you need anything else.


Cheers 🙂

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Hi, I believe a similar thing has happened to me with this playlist:  I didn't pay to submit my music but the user (Artister) links to a website that charges for playlists. 


The same thing has happened to my song! "Black Salamander" was added to one of these playlists without my consent, link the playlist is below; 

Bumping this post to seek assistance.  For the record, WAVR.AI also added my song "Time Remains" to their playlist without my permission -- 6 days ago!  I wish my song gets removed from this playlist.

The same happen with us with our song Left Turns by My Deer Watson. All the streams are coming from 9 users all in Finland. Hundreds of streams. Already reported.

A few months after it happened to me again. I had a strange increase of the number of followers: 45 followers  in one day and had streams from this artister playlist. Please report!

Same with us and Sheeran's Choice.  Our song appears to have been removed by the playlist is still up?

Based on the fact that this thread is still going years later, I suppose there's nothing that Spotify can do?  I'm just don't want any of our music taken down because of streaming fraud that we have nothing to do with.

Me pasa lo mismo, porfavor, llevan años ya, pueden decirnos que pasa?

Why don't you just block all these scammers and playlist with bots? It's not that hard to spot them. I don't understand why Spotify does nothing to stop them.

Me too, it's in a playlist called "wavr AI . I'm going to try write Spotify for artist . But I see that the playlist is verified by Spotify. 

I got added to this suspicious playlist and I havent paid for it and its been done without my consent. I am not sure if it is botted but I dont want to be part of something that can bring me issues.

Another place is at it again this time it's RepostNG 

With the same stuff as artister and  


SmartSelect_20230607-141414_Samsung Internet.jpg

 And they now privated the list



SmartSelect_20230607-141414_Samsung Internet.jpg

And I'm supposed to grow an audience after this Spotify?? Good luck on your glorified algorithm picking up songs with a %100 skip rate... Other artists reading this; do all the right things, marketing, promotion, paid ads, canvas, artist tools and stuff and you'll find success! Yeah right... Better pray that or something else won't ruin your profile while Spotify is watching, and that would be a much better investment!


Mine got removed after like 2 days.

I got added to the Friday playist on Artister, and it's skewed all the track's stats. 


Hi there!


I'm experiencing this same issue 😞  My song Blondie was added to a WAVR.AI playlist that I did NOT pay for. I'm an upcoming artist and fear I'll be blacklisted, but I'm not sure how to report the playlist. Please help! Here is a link to the playlist:

Hello, also here to report "Artister" / "" / "RepostNG" - they have added a couple of my tracks to their playlists, and it's getting a lot of fake streams and giving me a lot of fake followers. I am concerned that my artist profile is getting increasingly corrupted by the fake stats they are feeding in. I absolutely did not pay or get involved with these companies, and I'm not sure why they have targeted me/my tracks. They have a playlist that currently does not seem to have a name, and the name seems to change from time to time; here is a link to it:

Hi. I have the same problem, I was added to SHEERANS CHOICE playlist without permission and I feel like it's botted playlist. They keep changing the name of the playlist several times a day and they also keep adding and removing my song several times a day from the playlist. I don't know what the point of that but it's clearly shady. This comment section is years old, why don't Spotify do anything about that playlist, or at least tell us whether it's legit or not?

I would prob say just report the playlist. They usually remove you after a
day or two tho

I'm sick and tired that sometimes I find my music in the bottled playlist by the company Artister. I don't know why they decided to add randomly tracks to their playlists but this annoys me. Check out this two

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