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Takedown notification on my playlist

Takedown notification on my playlist







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I have received 6 takedown notifications on one of my playlists (spotify:playlist:7xNAWPe9UVodGtBpW2UlgB). I have read the Profile and playlist user image guidelines, and my playlist's cover image, title and description do not violate any copyright, trademark, or personal image rights.
The title is "Greece: Ancient Music" and I do not understand how this violates Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use.
The description of the playlist is the following: "The essential selection of ancient Greek music (αρχαία ελληνική μουσική). Image credit to: Dennis Jarvis ("
As for the image I have used as cover, its copyright holder published it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license and I have given due credit and linked to it.
Now I simply tried naming the playlist without uploading a cover image and without any description, only giving it the title "Greece", and even so I received a 7th and 8th takedown notification which deleted the title. 
Can anyone please explain? Thank you very much in advance for your time and help.


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Spotify allows people to report playlists they want taken down, and takes them down without checking. Someone else wants their playlist to rank higher than yours so they're reporting it to remove it from public listings. Spotify don't give a damn.

That's really low. And it is a shame that Spotify doesn't investigate each report before the playlists are taken down. Is there nothing that can be done here?

They've already done something - the takedown email used to include a link to appeal it... they removed the link.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


@perroerde We're sorry to see that this is happening to you. If you read our Terms and Conditions and your playlist doesn't break them, we recommend that you that you head over to this idea and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to it for any updates regarding this.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else in the meantime.


Take care 🙂

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Hello I have the same problem as you, I have to put the title and the photo of my playlist at least 20 times a day and I can't take it anymore. I may have found a solution:

The site offers a kind of shield that puts the title and photo back on the playlist automatically. The service is chargeable after a month which is free at five dollars per playlist. I'm afraid it's a scam, what do you think?

I too received a takedown request with no link. I am very confused, hopefully I haven't been hacked. 😞 how do you email or get i n touch with Spotify you can't even reply. bad! 



Hey @_4-6clvr8g8hh,


Welcome to the thread!


If you'd like to secure your account just in case, you can sign out of all devices via the Account Page > scroll down > sign out everywhere and for extra security you can check out the steps in this article.


When it comes to reaching out to Spotify there are several ways to do this which you can find here.


Hope this info helps and if anything else comes up, don't hesitate to post again 🙂

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