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The 'New releases for you' is gone (again)! Can i get it back?

The 'New releases for you' is gone (again)! Can i get it back?

New releases in discovery was so useful, it dropped out before but seems to have vanished altogether. Why do they do this?? It's very frustrating . . . is there a way to get the feature back?

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Which device with the Spotify app is this happening with? I am able to find this section in Discover with the Spotify desktop app, Browse ---> Discover ----> New Releases for You, this should be located just below Top Recommendations for You.


Might try a quick log out and back into the Spotify app again, doing this clears up odd issues from time to time.

Thanks jay, tried all that but still not there . . . seems totally random when it comes and goes.





Can you provide some basic specs?


What device is this happening with?

What is the devices OS version?

What version is the Spotify app on the device?


I can send along the information as an escalation.


As a long shot you might try a clean reinstall, making sure to remove any files associated with the Spotify app on the device being effected, and reinstall the Spotify app on the device again that is having the issue displaying this content.

Hi Jay, I'm on Windows 7 on the PC, just reinstalled Spotify again but to no avail. it's the same on my iPhone app, no lcuk there either. So it might be something to do with my account. It happened before then one day just magically appeared again but it's been gone for some time now, which is why I was wondering if Spotify got rid of it altogether. Thanks for your help anyway.

I am also having this issue. New Releases For You is my most-used section, and it seems to disappear for no reason every few weeks. This time it disappeared two weeks ago and has not returned.


Anyone have any fixes? 



iOS (iPhone 6+)

App Up-To-Date

User for 2+ Years now

I have tried logging in and out to no avail.

Hi, I've had no joy in retrieiving it - tried everything. It's very, very frustrating and as a premium subscriber for years it's a pretty poor reflection on the service that it keeps happening. Like you, I used it a lot. But this is the longest period I've gone without it. If you come across any fixes maybe let me know. Is there anywhere else to actually send a message to? It's bizarre there is no helpline.





Hello are you guys still having this issue? Noticed the section of New Releases disappeared for a small bit of time but came back just before the new releases dropped for New Music Fridays. Post back if you are still having issues, and I will escalate and we will go from there.

Hi Jay, yes mine is gone now, for good it seems both on the PC and my new iPhone6s; can't manage to get it back at all unless I do something drastic like a system restore. So just learning to live without it unless it just pops back some day.





Ok I escalated this, just hang tight and we will see what the Spotify mods writes back to try next. Just as an interm have you tried the web player here?

or might try this link access here: not sure users can use the link anymore.

Great, thanks for the help and support. I'll try those links as you suggest and see how I get on.





A Spotify mod got back to me, seems this issue has already been sent on to be investigated and is currently being looked into. Seems there was a few other reports of this issue as well before you. So hopefully we get word soon of a fix, so hang tight.

Thanks Jay, much obliged! 




Mine is also still missing, 4 weeks straight now. Uninstalled the entire app and reinstalled to no avail. 

Mine has been gone for multiple weeks too and it's killing me. Finally found this thread with the same issue though so I'm here waiting with everyone. Thanks

Has anyone found a solution for this yet? New Releases For You was by far my most used feature. Will probably start thinking about cancelling my subscription as I'm hardly using the App at all now...

Hi there - have got no answers at all on this one; don't want to cancel my subscription but I think it's bad there isn't propper support for those who pay monthly subscriptions. It's actually bizarre. Anyway, I've had no luck and have just learnt to live without it 😞 

Likewise, still nothing. Not a peep beyond "we're looking into it" in this thread, from two or three weeks ago. I'm also considering cancelling my subscrption, honestly. With being unable to easily find new music and the obscure limit to 3,333 songs downloaded (why would I want a download limit if I'm on a 128gb iPhone specifically so I can save songs?), things are looking grim for Spotify and me.

Mine popped back up today. Yaaaayyy

Just like that?!? Lucky you . . . 🙂


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