The Re-Addition of Artist: Isosine


The Re-Addition of Artist: Isosine

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Come on! I was all about it when it was suggested to me and then you take it away from me? For shame. Untimate shame.

I don't know if it had to do with the artist not keeping up with their side of the finances, but I would love to hear "Is Anyone There?" on Spotify as it should be, not on SoundCloud where the interface is less-cute.

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Re: The Re-Addition of Artist: Isosine

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Hey there! Sorry to hear about that.


There are many reason as to why music can end up being taken off Spotify. Sadly, those reasons are usually between the artist, their lablel, and Spotify, so I can't tell you the exact reason why it was taken down.


Hopefully the artist or whoever is involved will be able to put it back up soon. Good luck!

If this solved your issue - Accept it as a solution!
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