The album: Lovedrive by the scorpions

The album: Lovedrive by the scorpions

(Lovedrive) What some consider the pinnacle album of the Scorpions is not on Spotify. Instead a cover band called (Scorps) takes its place tittled ( the best of the Scorpions).
I found this trying to search for there hit song (Holiday) If my memory serves me right it was on this album.
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Currently the album Lovedrive by the Scorpions is only available in these listening locations currently.


<availability><territories>CA MX US</territories></availability>




Also you might want to have a read over the solutions article about missing content here:!/article/Content-missing

Hello everyone,


This album can't be search on the spotify player. It could be about copyright questions. Can you review this? I thank you a lot. I'm a Scorpions fan and a spotify premium listener. I think that many other people around the world thank you too. The Lovedrive's song Always Somewhere means a lot to me.

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