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The newest episode of Joe Rogan's podcast that its not showing to me

The newest episode of Joe Rogan's podcast that its not showing to me

the last episode i've got its the episode 1921, since then there has already been release episode 1922 and 1923
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No solution. I have that issue and so do many people around me.

New joerogan podcast episode appear on feed but are unplayable deleted app reinstalled it to no avail

i have the same issue both on web and android app. region: Georgia

Any news ?

Lex Fridman too!

Same here. What’s going on?

When can we expect a fix? No new episodes on any platforms I tried.

Me too

Don't know, spoke to a spotify agent and this is what he said, "Thanks for waiting. I definitely hear you and thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I'll pass your feedback along to the right teams."


Hi, is this sorted? what's going Spotify...?


I am in Nigeria and no episodes after 1920. e.g. clicking on the episode links throws an error both on web, desktop and mobile app... surely something is going on here.

No lex Fridman No Brett Weinstein.

This has ben an issue 12 days now. I cannot believe it takes so much time to fix it.








iPhone 12 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 16.2 (most up to date)  


My Question or Issue

JRE podcast stopped updating or uploading new episodes after #1920


i know for a fact that new episodes are being uploaded because I get the notification whenever a new episode is uploaded; however, when I hit the notification to go to the episode, I receive the message “couldn’t find this page” for all episodes past #1920. Also, if i try to access the podcasts from the podcast page itself not from my notifications bar, I only see episodes till #1920 as if that was the most recent episode, which is not the case. 

Also, while at it, video’s doesn’t work on all podcasts in Egypt, and as an avid podcasts fan and a loyal Spotify premium subscriber (I have been subscribed for over 3 years), I find this really upsetting that I consider switching to other music streaming platforms. Please address this issue as well

Same problems here. Please fix this

I can access the newest episodes of this podcast in the US. Here's a direct link if you'd like to try it.


Have you tried a clean install of the app?

Can you access the newest episodes of this podcast on the web app?

I will try to clean install my app

meanwhile, this is what I got from your link, which is consistent to what I get on the phone app as well. 


Is Spotify dealing with this? I'm having the exact problem. Please do or say something. 

Sometimes some songs aren't available in certain regions because of licensing issues. This may be the same case with this podcast.


Let me know how the clean reinstall goes.

A podcast that I regularly listen to (The Receipts Podcast) has released new episodes that I am unable to access within the app on the podcast profile/page. I can see the new episodes in the "what's new" section but when I click on them to listen I get the error message "couldn't find that page". I last listened to this podcast 2 weeks ago and know they regularly publish weekly episodes. I have been listening to this podcast for a number of years through Spotify and cannot understand why I am now having this issue.  I have uninstalled the app (using the 'clean uninstall' method presented by Spotify) on both my MacBook and iPhone and am still unable to locate the podcasts' latest episodes. PLEASE help!

Hey. I can't help much, but out of curiosity's sake, what country are you located in?

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