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The newest episode of Joe Rogan's podcast that its not showing to me

The newest episode of Joe Rogan's podcast that its not showing to me

the last episode i've got its the episode 1921, since then there has already been release episode 1922 and 1923
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If the podcast is not available, that is a new thing. I've been listening to this podcast long before he went exclusive to Spotify. And up until episode 1920, I had no problem accessing it. I have done numerous clean reinstalls over the last couple of weeks. Still the same problem. 


I bet if this affected Americans it would have already been fixed!?


Trinidad & Tobago


I'm experiencing the exact same problem from Nigeria. I doubt it's a licensing issue. Spotify has been has not been inspiring confidence lately and there's no other platform to access those episodes on.


I got in contact with Spotify support and they couldn't find any information on it.

Does anyone have access to a VPN? Maybe set the VPN to the US and see if you can access those? That's all I can really think of at the moment.

Humm. I'll try the vpn.Thanks.


So apparently the same problem is the case for numerous users outside the US and it has been going for more than a week now. Spotify support system is a joke! 

I also reinstalled Spotify but the newest episodes of JRE podcast aren't showing up. The last episode available is from Jan 5, 2023.

Managed to get it. Had to reinstall twice and changed my account to Germany via VPN. It’s crazy.

Could you tell more about what you did please? 

Thanks for the link. BTW, the vpn did not work. 

It doesn't matter the device, it's a Spotify problem. I really hope you guys get it fixed soon. 

I hope this problem is not a tacit attempt at censorship. 

Question everything.

I used free VPN, and can now listen to jre on ogjre web page only. If I turn VPN off then opps appears. This all started since vaccination truths coming out.


Hello, same problem here. No new JRE episode since the #1920. I have had many conversations with chat technicians and no solution has been found. I subscribed to Spotify exclusively to listen to the JRE podcast and will have to cancel my subscription if the problem is not solved. I cannot believe it’s taking so much time! 
Spotify team please give us a concrete feedback, not just a “keep your account up to date”?

would this be a covert censorship attempt by any chance?

It's been two weeks since we are having this problem. If it still in the investigation phase then I guess we cannot expect this issues to be solved in foreseeable future.

Posting this on 21.01.2023, Can't access any episodes past #1920. On an iPhone app I got the notifications for the new episodes but when I try to open them it tells me it "couldn't find the page". No notifications at all on PC browser version, no notifications on PC app version. No new episodes are showing up since 5th of January.

This issue reminds me of podcasts rolling out in several countries YEARS after the west got podcasts, the team just doesnt care


Region: Egypt

i think they started to geo- restrict the new episodes but they don't want to admit it

Any news from the team?

Same issue here! Region : Georgia

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