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The "Classical New Releases" playlist needs to be fixed

The "Classical New Releases" playlist needs to be fixed

The "Classicical New Releases: Spotify Picks" playlist ( has been adding more and more new age and soundtrack content to the point that it's become frustrating for regular listeners.


There have been complaints about it in this thread for more than a year:


It appears no one is listening so I'd like to bump this.


This latest week is particularly bad, with only six of the 30 tracks being remotely "classical" music. Six tracks are from soundtracks, while the rest is what most of us in that thread seem to think of as "new age". Soundtracks sometimes feature orchestral or instrumental music, but the rest is just fluff that shouldn't be in a classical new release playlist.


There are people who value this playlist as a curated way to discover new recordings in your huge catalog. But whoever is updating this particular playlist is not hearing this message. Please "fix" it.



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Thanks, jdnier - I wholeheartedly agree - this week was particularly bad for all the reasons you mention. Come on Spotify, please do better. You can set up a “soundtracks” playlist and you can start a “new age” playlist outside of the new classical releases playlist. I’m sure the people who want to hear the latest soundtracks don’t want to wade through Weber, Bach, or Shostakovich either. 

I’ve pretty much lost hope on this playlist.

I'd like to add my name to this post and say that the playlist for Classical New Releases has been one of my favourite spots on Spotify each week for a few years. I have found many favourite albums there and gotten to know and discovered music that was completely new to me. I have enjoyed the well selected list of releaseas from the classical and modern repertoire of so called ’classical music’ that I could find here.


But this was only until recently, since earlier this year this playlist has lost its focus. I agree with the above that there is now a lot of music in this playlist that does not fit the description ”handpicked new classical releases” and that these would be better placed somewhere else, in a playlist for their own genre. I would be happy to see this playlist become again an informative source for new classical music as it once was rather than a list of background music which is what it has become. 


Thank you!

... and to my surprise today I updated my MacOS App and the "New releases" list is now limited to ONLY 12 albums!!!!!!


I used to use this feature all the time to discover new music ... and now it is useless ... as the 12 albums do not change that often....


I agree 100%!!  Why can’t Spotify get this right?  I’m seriously considering switching to Primephonic or IDAGIO, although I do listen to other types of music besides classical.  I wish Spotify would hire actual classical musicians to curate their playlists instead of just relying on algorithms.

People have been complaining about this for years now - I posted about it back in 2019 - and - nothing. Spotify does not care about this, much to my chagrin. I guess if you do the math, the number of people who would like some effort put into curating the classical new releases playlist is pretty tiny from Spotify's POV. So it's pretty easy to ignore these multiple requests, sadly.

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