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The "a look at what you've been listening to" monthly emails from spotify

The "a look at what you've been listening to" monthly emails from spotify

Spotify would send these personalized music updates each month of cool and fun glimpse of what the listeners been listening too by showing what song the listener listened to the most that month or the what genres were listened to the most and so forth...anyway Spotify you could continue doing that?? It was a cool way of seeing what we've been listening to!!
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Are you perhaps referring to the Spotify email feature called Track -ed. ? These were sent out every month close to the end of 2016?

Yes! That's exactly what I was talking about! Those were cool weren't they?
Im wondering why Spotify hasn't been doing that this month or even last
month..and if anyway Spotify could still send those emails? I enjoyed
getting them very much. Thanks for the reply!



Not exactly sure why, Spotify tests things all the time. Many Rock Stars and a random select of Spotify users I think had access to this short lived feature. Maybe the push back against email based monthly or yearly stats on music plays, and what content was at the top every month had something to do with it disappearing?


If you have a account, the system has many play stat features now, might consider creating one or adding an existing account to your Spotify account, which can be done through the Spotify desktop and mobiles apps in the Settings options. Just offering this as a work around option, until an official post about what might be in store for monthly or even yearly play stats on the Spotify service.

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