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The sound is on spotify but I can't listen to it

The sound is on spotify but I can't listen to it







(iPhone 11, PC)

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(Windows 10)


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I have several songs on spotify that I would like to listen to but they are greyed out and I can't listen to them. My friends can listen to them so I'm lost, can someone help ?

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Hey @fyjtyjtj,


Thanks for posting on the Community and welcome 🙂

We'd like to gather as much info as possible. Would you mind sending us a screenshot of what you're mentioning? If you log in with a different account on your devices, can you listen to those songs? It’d be awesome if you could check. You can ask a relative or a friend to open their account or your devices.


Just to confirm, is this happening just with one artist's content, or is it happening with several songs by different artists? If it just happens with one artist's tracks, perhaps you accidentally blocked them on your mobile phone app.


To check if this is the case, go to these artists' profiles in the mobile device app and then, select the three dot menu. If the artist's content is blocked, you'll see the option "Allow to play this". Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

We'll keep an eye on your response!

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