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The two new Brian Eno albums on Spotify aren't by Brian Eno.

The two new Brian Eno albums on Spotify aren't by Brian Eno.

Hi guys,


I just stumbled upon two albums, that were released last friday. They are supposedly by Brian Eno, but thats most definitely false. Here are the Links:


Space Exploration - Ambient Music Therapy Room New Age Piano Acedemy For Relaxation Meditation Yoga ...


Ship of Love - Calming Ambient Music for a New Dimention of Love and Serenety in Your Life


If you aren't familiar with Brian Eno, here's why those can't be his albums:

  1. Brian Eno is world famous, but there are zero publications on those two releases. 
  2. The title and album covers, are clearly the work of an amateur. 


I didn't thoroughly listen to the albums, and I'm no Brian Eno expert. Could someone who is confirm that it can't be his work?


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I did some lookup information on those two releases you posted about, and they are both not available in any listening regions on the Spotify service currently now. The Spotify content teams must have already dealt with the issue with these two releases.


What users can alway do with regards to artists and the content they release on the Spotify service is to go to this website here: The artist biographies, and the verifications of artists comes from this service, and they usually have a current listing of artists catalogued content that has been officially released by the artist. Brian Eno's Discography page of authorized official releases: 

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