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The wrong artist profile on my songs

The wrong artist profile on my songs

I have a couple of songs up on Spotify
This character on the profile is not me ? How did this happen ?
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Looking at releases by artists under the FJ name there are a couple of releases from a 2012 release date, I saw that both releases are from the third party aggregate called CD RUN? Maybe they were the ones that first setup the artist profile and all artists using FJ as an artist name is just being lumped together on the same artist profile? This is not uncommon with any streaming service to have multiple artists on the same profile page. Heck I have run across this issue just with iTunes in digital download options on artist profile pages.


Can you provide links to the songs and/or releases that are your's in this thread, and maybe a Spotify Mod will see this thread and look into correcting or passing on the information to the relevant Spotify content team for you?



Ok so can I get my own page with my own profile picture and how do I do this because its hard to find my songs when you cant find my artist page or picture ? 


Thank you


Both released 2013





I escalated this thread for you so someone soon should reach out to help fix this issue for you.


Hi there,


It's best to contact the artists team directly by filling in the special contact form.

That form can be found here:

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