There is songs max limit to "Realese Radar" Spotify's playlists?


There is songs max limit to "Realese Radar" Spotify's playlists?

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I'm a pretty new user (Joined before 4 months)

I've liked more then 1000 songs, I'm following a lot of artists, 

and I'm using the playlist "Realese Radar" weekly so if I did not know a new song that realesed from a artist I like, I will listen to the song.


But there is a issue, It's been like a month that I noticed that the number of songs in that playlist is 30, and I think that there is a thing as a limit to the playlist.


There is no way that if in a week I listen to 50 songs that I never heard before        (old or new)

Spotify will just put 20 new songs (tbh I love the choose of songs) and 10 more remixes in a playlist, and call it a Realese Radar


I mean that if a person listen to more artists and genres of music overtime,

he should get a larger playlist with more songs in the "Realese Radar"



I've listen to a lot of new Rock bands, and songs from the genre, and I liked a lot of songs, and I add them to my playlist, in my last week.

Before I listen to pop, r&b and hip hop. 

So why shouldn't I get in my playlist rock songs that realesed in the last week, 

songs that from new artist that musiclly close to the artists that I like, and the songs that I liked the last week.



I know that Spotify want the playlists to be short,                                                            but if a person listen to a lot of new music, I MEAN A LOT, she\he do it in purpose.


Thanks in advance! 

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Re: There is songs max limit to "Realese Radar" Spotify's playlists?

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Hey @CarmeL_Music, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are having a great time!


Release Radar is update weekly and it kind of has as much songs as you said but it not always the case so it can't be called a cap or limit. I checked mine today and it had around 33 songs. Other times this playlist has had less or even more than that. It depends. Spotify magic is based on a great algorithm which is being improved over time therefore offering you the music you want to listen!

You also do have the Discover Weekly playlist and the Radio function, both really great features to help you discover new music. You do have also the Daily Mixes, I have 6 of them which create a daily mix of your favorite songs but you will have the chance to find some new jams in there 😉

Discovering new music never ends if you have a wid range of music taste, by that I mean that you like and enjoy really many genres of music 🙂


Have a nice day!

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