'This Is: Gucci Mane' Playlist Fail


'This Is: Gucci Mane' Playlist Fail




I'm glad Spotify has finally come around to implementing an official "This is:" playlist for Gucci Mane, but I've noticed that the curator has left out an alarming number of tracks that should be required listening for Gucci fans and curious folk alike. Yeah, I get that tracks like Lemonade, Icy, and Pillz are essential hits, and most of the other tracks on the list are by no mean bad, but how could the curator - who should be a fan - leave out tracks like, "Tragedy, Kansas, Back in 95, Trap Back, North Pole (you guys should really just add the whole Trap Back mixtape, because it's a classic) Get Money Ni**a, Shooter, Mr. Perfect, Cleopatra, Trap Talk, Everyday, Lil Friends, Brrr (Supa Cold), Mouth Fulla Gold,  Young Ni**as, Recently, Loyal, Mob Ties, Don't Deserve it, Two Dope Boys, Wish You Would," and, most importanly, "My Kitchen?"


I know some of you may read this and think, "hey, there are so many Gucci mixtapes and albums on Spotify alone, so this guy is probably just some disgruntled dude suggesting songs that suit his own tastes, right?" Well, I can assure you that this isn't the case here, and all it takes one listen on any of the tracks I've listed, and you'll see what I mean. It's the difference between getting people associated with Gucci Mane, and actually creating new Gucci fans. 


Lastly, how could you guys seriously have left out "My Kitchen"? That's a real Gucci classic to any real fan, no questions asked.


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Preach bruh Preach



I am replying to this threas as I am really disapointed by Spotify due to many key Gucci mane album missing from your streaming services...but available with your competitor Deezer for example!! What a shame.


Just a quick list:

Bird Money 2009

Gangsta Grillz: The Movie pt2 2009

The Cold War BrrrrRussia 2009

The Cold War Great Brrritain 2009

The Cold War GucciMerica 2009


Please wake up & fix it shortly otherwise I'll have to switch streaming company.